What Part Of the Male Body is The Sexiest For Women

What do women like most about the masculine figure? I got an answer to this question, and it doesn’t rhyme with…shenis. In 2013 a first of its kind study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, (which I’m mentioning to prove that this was real deal Holyfield study) found that the most sexual part of the male body, at least according to the heterosexual female participants, was not the penis. It was the back. Penis size accounted for just six percent of women’s overall attractiveness ratings and men’s height came in at only 5%. The only factor that really matters – is the ejaculation time. Yes, it’s true that women need time to get a climax. You need to penetrate her for at least 15 minutes, but in general, you need even more time. How to hold your ejaculation? You can train your body, or you can take premature ejaculation pills, that can help you in 2-3 weeks. The final result will appear in 3-4 months. If you can hold your ejaculation more than a few minutes – you have a serious problem, that can cause the lack of self confidence and you can lost your sexual partner. Delay formula is made to cure this annoying problem once and forever. This supplement is powerful and works pretty fast, learn more

This was a surprising study finding for researchers, but it might have to do with the fact that as another study pointed out, the matter does females prefer a particular type of the man’s body had got a little regard. And that’s probably because a lot of these previous studies failed even to examine the relative attractiveness of that broad-shouldered, narrow waist, inverted triangle v-back, that it turns out women find really, really, really attractive.

So the longstanding line of thinking has been that body type might not matter so much for women as long as the guy as decent social status and economic power. But you know what has received a lot of attention? Studies about the importance of men’s height and penis size. Joke’s on your science because straight women have been lusting behind your backs this whole time. The question is then why that ratio of broad-shoulder to narrow waist aka the v-back is so doggone sexy.

I’m testosterone, I’m sort of like the foreman at a construction site, alright cause I’m all like fat, go over here to the torso, fat you need to raise up, you need to go up to the shoulders, you need to go to the arms, you need to go to the neck alright, and then I go into the brain. I’m all like “Hey, man; you need to work out; you need to pump some iron, make sure to turn that fat into muscle okay, because if you get broad shoulders and a narrow waist, man, that signals dominance not only to women but also to men. Studies have shown as well as health, which all that adds up to a super sexy back. Boom. Just like that.

And according to a 2003 study, broad-shouldered gents are indeed bringing sexy back. Specifically, guys with the highest shoulder to hip ratio, aka the broadest v-back, tended to have the earliest age at first masturbation, the earliest age at first intercourse, the largest number of sex partners, and the highest number of sexual encounters outside of their current relationships, guys!

So to answer the question about which part of the masculine figure straight women find most attractive the answer, it’s going to be the back. Thanks to all this talk about sexy backs, I’ve got Justin Timberlake stuck in my head, which I may or may not have google imaged shirtless before making this article, just you know as research. Gay, bi, and trans folks, I want to know from you, do you also find the backs to be super sexy? And for people reading, who could care less about what a back looks like? Let me know your preferred part in the comments below but keep it clean, people.