Sexual Dysfunction In Women


The instant treatment of female sexual dysfunction(libido enhancer) is not materially different than the treatment of male sexual dysfunction. The big issue is that it is incumbent upon the practitioner and/or the therapist to listen and understand the concerns. Because in women sexual dysfunction can have a broad spectrum of complaints:

  • I don’t feel good about myself;
  • I don’t feel good about my partner;
  • I have vaginal pain;
  • I have vaginal dryness;
  • I have no interest;
  • I do have interests, but it is more cerebral;
  • I want to please my partner;
  • I’m afraid that my partner will leave me if I don’t become sexual;
  • I can’t achieve orgasm at any level of trying;
  • Reduced sensation.


So a number of things have to be looked in, and it is a multifactorial approach. We have a lot of women because of cigarette smoking, because of different pain problems, because of various medical core morbidities, diabetes, they may have poor blood flow, may have reduced sensation and require a number of different factors to promote improvement. It is not such as shot or pill.

We have a lot of women who very aggressively have embraced the concept of orgasmic diets, looking at those foods that are touted to improve levels of interest, sexual response. We have people that are looking not only at testosterone but improving dopamine – a hormone that is important for both men and women, but we see in women need to boost that dopamine up a little bit. We can do those with the number of medications that are well tolerated.

We see some women, who require additional stimulation. Obviously, it is women, who have concerns about the ability to enjoy sensation or to benefit from orgasm. It may not be their concern, it may be their partner’s poor erections, or their partner is a premature ejaculator. And so a very importantly in women we have to look at what they are going through, but also we have to look at what they have been given by their partner.

So, again, it speaks to understanding and pursuing different questions and various issues with a female partner. We often utilize opportunities to use diverse forms of stimulation, vibrators. If you will commonly use sex therapists, who can identify different behavioral concerns, various positional fears that are maybe impacting sexual function.

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