How to Remove Warts With Bananas


Today I am talking about how to treat of a wart using a banana. I often speak of the power of fruit based raw food diets to heal your body, to overcome disease, to give you a new lease on life, more energy. But talking about skin conditions, it turns out that fruit and often fruit peels can work as an excellent topical medication, better than a topical medication, and with minimal expense, minimal acid burning pain, whatever you want to talk about it, no need to go to a doctor.

Two times in my life, I have had a wart. The first time I was in college, 11 or 12 years ago, and I got a big wart on the top of my foot. And it was excruciating. And I remember I was in the yoga at that time, and I would try to do down dogs, and it would rub on the top of the mat, and it was just excruciatingly painful. And just three years ago I got some white dot on the inside of my palm. And whenever something would touch it, it would hurt. And on both occasions, I used a banana to fix the problem. So, today I’m just going to tell you exactly what to do to get rid of a wart.

So it’s pretty simple. You’ve got a banana, so eat the banana, but once you’ve eaten it, you’ve got the skin. And you want to make sure it’s a pretty right banana with brown dots on it. And cut a piece of skin peel to fit whatever surface area so that you can cover the wart fully. And then take a piece of tape.

And what you want to do is you want to leave this on overnight. The exact amount of time that it’s going to take to get rid of the wart will vary. For example, when I was in college, I was not putting it on overnight, I would just leave it on for maybe 50 minutes once a day, and it took almost two weeks to get rid of the whole wart. And what I found was that it peeled off in layers; first like a top layer of skin, and then the next layer of skin, and eventually, there was just smooth new skin underneath. In the case, of this one that I had on my hand, all I had to do was leave it on overnight twice, and it got rid of it.

There are some unusual properties to whole plant foods, to fruits, which can just get rid of your problems, and this just happens to be one of them. When you got a weird skin condition, and it’s not going away, and it’s not an allergic reaction, you might find that you can get rid of it just by using fruit skin. Now bananas are not the only option here; I told a friend about this, and he didn’t have any bananas on hand, but he had mango skin, so apparently, mango skin does work as well. And I’m sure that there are other options. So maybe if you got to work, give it a try.

What Part Of the Male Body is The Sexiest For Women

What do women like most about the masculine figure? I got an answer to this question, and it doesn’t rhyme with…shenis. In 2013 a first of its kind study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, (which I’m mentioning to prove that this was real deal Holyfield study) found that the most sexual part of the male body, at least according to the heterosexual female participants, was not the penis. It was the back. Penis size accounted for just six percent of women’s overall attractiveness ratings and men’s height came in at only 5%. The only factor that really matters – is the ejaculation time. Yes, it’s true that women need time to get a climax. You need to penetrate her for at least 15 minutes, but in general, you need even more time. How to hold your ejaculation? You can train your body, or you can take premature ejaculation pills, that can help you in 2-3 weeks. The final result will appear in 3-4 months. If you can hold your ejaculation more than a few minutes – you have a serious problem, that can cause the lack of self confidence and you can lost your sexual partner. Delay formula is made to cure this annoying problem once and forever. This supplement is powerful and works pretty fast, learn more

This was a surprising study finding for researchers, but it might have to do with the fact that as another study pointed out, the matter does females prefer a particular type of the man’s body had got a little regard. And that’s probably because a lot of these previous studies failed even to examine the relative attractiveness of that broad-shouldered, narrow waist, inverted triangle v-back, that it turns out women find really, really, really attractive.

So the longstanding line of thinking has been that body type might not matter so much for women as long as the guy as decent social status and economic power. But you know what has received a lot of attention? Studies about the importance of men’s height and penis size. Joke’s on your science because straight women have been lusting behind your backs this whole time. The question is then why that ratio of broad-shoulder to narrow waist aka the v-back is so doggone sexy.

I’m testosterone, I’m sort of like the foreman at a construction site, alright cause I’m all like fat, go over here to the torso, fat you need to raise up, you need to go up to the shoulders, you need to go to the arms, you need to go to the neck alright, and then I go into the brain. I’m all like “Hey, man; you need to work out; you need to pump some iron, make sure to turn that fat into muscle okay, because if you get broad shoulders and a narrow waist, man, that signals dominance not only to women but also to men. Studies have shown as well as health, which all that adds up to a super sexy back. Boom. Just like that.

And according to a 2003 study, broad-shouldered gents are indeed bringing sexy back. Specifically, guys with the highest shoulder to hip ratio, aka the broadest v-back, tended to have the earliest age at first masturbation, the earliest age at first intercourse, the largest number of sex partners, and the highest number of sexual encounters outside of their current relationships, guys!

So to answer the question about which part of the masculine figure straight women find most attractive the answer, it’s going to be the back. Thanks to all this talk about sexy backs, I’ve got Justin Timberlake stuck in my head, which I may or may not have google imaged shirtless before making this article, just you know as research. Gay, bi, and trans folks, I want to know from you, do you also find the backs to be super sexy? And for people reading, who could care less about what a back looks like? Let me know your preferred part in the comments below but keep it clean, people.

Tongkat Ali – Male Enhancement Herb Review

Tongkat Ali is the one male enhancement supplement that every man needs to know about; every wife needs to know about. If you want lasting passion in your marriage, want great sex, if you’re a man and want to feel in a good mood more of the time; women if your husband goes to his cave, he’s withdrawn, he doesn’t come out, what is going on? If you find you want to talk to him, he gets grumpy and irritable, has these reactions, what’s going on? Often people think men’s grumpiness, irritation, anger, frustration is high testosterone. No, it’s not that, it’s just the opposite. It’s low testosterone.

Men today are experiencing a shift, it’s never happened in history, doesn’t occur in indigenous tribes, but a significant drop in testosterone as they’re getting older. We’re not designed for that, but it’s happening today. Testosterone is the magic hormone for men. A healthy guy has 30 times more testosterone than a woman. When it starts dropping, he starts becoming feminized, that’s what causes males to become irritable, grumpy, have bad moods, forget about romance, and after a while, they even lose interest in sex with their partners. They don’t lose interested in sex actually, this whole addiction to pornography on the Internet is a symptom of low testosterone in men.

When men have normal testosterone levels, what’s going to happen is he’s able to sustain his attraction, he is being aroused by someone he loves, because, you see, when you love someone, it produces a hormone called oxytocin. Oxytocin is the bonding hormone. But oxytocin inhibits the release of testosterone over time. So over time when you love your partner, it actually can lower your testosterone levels, if you are a man, unless you have healthy levels of testosterone. That’s why men after you’ve done something, you feel successful and confident, capable, have the much stronger libido for the women you love. I remember one time going off without sex for three weeks on a book tour; I came back and have the best sex, because I did this huge successful challenging activity, and now is ready to make love with my wife. All this love, I’ve been missing her, all that oxytocin did not inhibit my testosterone because I had so much.

And I know why I was able to restore my normal levels of testosterone. When I started taking this little supplement Tongkat Ali. It’s made in Bangkok, or it is made in Thailand, which probably there’s more sex going on there than the rest of the world. It will only grow there, and it’s a herb. It has a big effect on men’s testosterone levels, unlike other supplements, unlike taking hormones of testosterone. It doesn’t make testosterone; it helps your body make more testosterone if your body needs to make testosterone. So it doesn’t interfere with the regulation of production of testosterone. It’s been used for hundreds of years, it’s safe, it’s a route up, and in all of the libido products that are out there, you’ll see it’s in there. Because this is the active ingredient that I’ve seen, that increases the testosterone, which increases desire and performance, interest in sex, and sustaining the power.

How much do you take? Well, first of all, that’s different for every guy. You start out consuming a little bit more till literally, you want sex too much of the time. I mean, that’s really what happens. I become following my wife around if I take too much of this stuff, so I have to back off from taking it. But I took it for a while every day for a month and then I had my testosterone tested, and there I was like 56 years old at the time, and my testosterone at that point after taking this was the same level in my thirties.

Now the average male at 40 years old or 50 years old has half the testosterone levels he had when he was a younger man. And for me, it had come back to normal. And what my symptom was, was feeling more energy, more motivation, more energy around the house to help my wife do things, particularly the interest in planning dates, going out, being a little romantic, a lot of that energy and sort of lessened occasionally would arise. Typically for a man after seven days of no sex, his testosterone levels for one day will double. So that’s a moment, which you know, which is the date night, where a guy is going to have the energy to put forth for his partner and then, of course, you have sex, and the cycle starts over. But you can have sex more regularly; you can have that energy more regularly if doing something to help you increase your testosterone levels.

When Should You Seek Help For Infertility

A woman should seek help for infertility on if she is attempted to pregnancy for 12 months and she is under the age of 35. If she is over 35, a recommendation is that she seek help regarding fertility after six months of trying. Women over 40 should see a specialists if they are not pregnant within three months.

The important aspect of infertility is that women should have regular periods and if they do not have regular periods they should seek the help of the fertility specialist because the chance of conceiving if they do not have regular periods is meager.

Diagnosing infertility

At the beginning of the fertility evaluation, we do three basic tests.

The first is to evaluate the husband’s sperm production through a semen analysis. To improve your men’s sperm health and sperm count, we recommend him to use semen enhancement supplements.

Second, we will do an x-ray of the woman’s fallopian tubes to determine whether they are open or not.

And finally, we confirm that the woman is ovulating through ultrasound and hormone blood testing.
Infertility treatment

The treatment options that are available beginning with fertility medications that can be either pills or injectable fertility hormones to increase the efficiency of ovulation. So we try to help women that either does not ovulate, to ovulate or women that are ovulating and have unexplained infertility release more than one egg.

Our goal is to have them ovulate anywhere between two and four eggs, and we combine that with insemination. Insemination is washing her husband’s sperm and placing it in the uterus through the little catheter at the time of ovulation.

If this treatment is not successful, sometimes we will recommend laparoscopy surgery to diagnose and treat patients for in endometrioses or scar tissue.

The final treatment that we offer to patients is in-vitro fertilization. And this is where we stimulate a woman’s ovaries to produce multiple eggs with hormones, remove the eggs and combine the eggs with man sperm in the laboratory. We create embryos that are then transferred into the uterus. This is the most effective fertility treatment that we offer. At this stage of infertility treatments, we are very successful, on average 80 percent of patients to come to see us will go home with the baby. Especially if they are open to the options of advanced reproductive technologies that include in-vitro fertilization and donor egg in-vitro fertilization.

Sexual Dysfunction In Women


The instant treatment of female sexual dysfunction(libido enhancer) is not materially different than the treatment of male sexual dysfunction. The big issue is that it is incumbent upon the practitioner and/or the therapist to listen and understand the concerns. Because in women sexual dysfunction can have a broad spectrum of complaints:

  • I don’t feel good about myself;
  • I don’t feel good about my partner;
  • I have vaginal pain;
  • I have vaginal dryness;
  • I have no interest;
  • I do have interests, but it is more cerebral;
  • I want to please my partner;
  • I’m afraid that my partner will leave me if I don’t become sexual;
  • I can’t achieve orgasm at any level of trying;
  • Reduced sensation.


So a number of things have to be looked in, and it is a multifactorial approach. We have a lot of women because of cigarette smoking, because of different pain problems, because of various medical core morbidities, diabetes, they may have poor blood flow, may have reduced sensation and require a number of different factors to promote improvement. It is not such as shot or pill.

We have a lot of women who very aggressively have embraced the concept of orgasmic diets, looking at those foods that are touted to improve levels of interest, sexual response. We have people that are looking not only at testosterone but improving dopamine – a hormone that is important for both men and women, but we see in women need to boost that dopamine up a little bit. We can do those with the number of medications that are well tolerated.

We see some women, who require additional stimulation. Obviously, it is women, who have concerns about the ability to enjoy sensation or to benefit from orgasm. It may not be their concern, it may be their partner’s poor erections, or their partner is a premature ejaculator. And so a very importantly in women we have to look at what they are going through, but also we have to look at what they have been given by their partner.

So, again, it speaks to understanding and pursuing different questions and various issues with a female partner. We often utilize opportunities to use diverse forms of stimulation, vibrators. If you will commonly use sex therapists, who can identify different behavioral concerns, various positional fears that are maybe impacting sexual function.

You can improve your sexual life using some vaginal lubrications like Vigorelle or HerSolution Gel. Read female sex enhancement creams reviews from other customers on and choose the perfect solution for your problem.

The Evaluation and Treatment of Impotence

I would like to discuss with you assessment and treatment of impotence or erectile dysfunction. This is a common condition that impacts nearly 30 million of American men. That’s the bad news. The good information is that mostly everyone can be treated for this common condition. I would like to: one – begin with the definition of impotence or erectile dysfunction, two – discuss the common causes of erectile dysfunction, and three – to review with you some of the treatment options that you can use to resolve this condition.

Let’s begin with the definition of erectile dysfunction. It is defined as the inability to achieve and maintain an erection adequate for penetration to the mutual satisfaction of both partners. Now how does an erection occur? An erection occurs because of the coordinated reactions between the brain and central nervous system; the blood vessels that go to the penis, the nerves from the spinal cord to the penis, and the hormones or testosterone that is produced in the testicle.

Erectile Dysfunction Causes

 blood vessel obstruction

Now, what are some of the common causes of erectile dysfunction? The most common are due to vascular or blood vessel obstruction, which decreases the blood supply to the penis. Other common causes are nerve conditions or nerve damage such as seen with following a stroke or patients, who have multiple sclerosis or spinal cord damage. Another common cause is diabetes, and nearly 50% of men with diabetes will have erectile dysfunction.

There are scores of medications that cause erectile dysfunction. Drugs used to treat high blood pressure, medications used for depression, medications used for pain relief, or sleep medications are just a few of the numbers of drugs that can be associated with the side effects of erectile dysfunction.

Also, there is the possibility of hormone deficiency with a decrease in the production of testosterone by the testicles. Surgical procedures, particularly surgical procedures that are done in the pelvis, such as procedures to remove the cancers of the colon, the prostate, and bladder can be associated with erectile dysfunction. Other causes of erectile dysfunction include kidney disease and a condition called Peyronie’s disease where the penis is bent and making a penetration difficult or impossible.

Diagnosis of Erectile Dysfunction

Now how is the diagnosis of erectile dysfunction made? The doctor will be asking you some questions such as:

  • Do you get erections in the morning upon awakening?
  • Is the problem with erectile dysfunction intermittent or is it constant?
  • Do you have any other associated conditions such as previously discussed that may affect the nerves, the hormones or the blood vessels?
  • Can you achieve an erection with self-stimulation or masturbation?”

Next, a physical examination will be done, including checking the blood pressure and also an inspection of the penis, the testes, and the prostate exam. Then blood tests will be done to test the glucose level to see if there is diabetes, and the lipid level to test for cholesterol, and possibly even the thyroid hormone. Also, a urinalysis and PSA test is done to all men over the age of 50 to be sure that there is not a problem of prostate cancer.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis

Let us now turn to the treatment of erectile dysfunction. I’m sure many of you have heard of the medications such as Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, VigRX Plus. All three of these top rated penis pills work by increasing the blood supply to the penis in order to facilitate an erection. Read more here. There are also pellets of prostaglandin, and there are injections of prostaglandin that can be injected through a very tiny needle about the size of a hair into the penis that will increase the blood supply to the penis.

Hormone treatment is indicated if there is a confirmation that there is a decrease in the production of testosterone by the testicles. Another treatment option is a vacuum device, which is applied to the penis to increase the blood supply to the penis, which is then trapped in a place with a thick rubber band at the base of the penis.

Finally, if those conservative options do not resolve the problem, there are surgical procedures such as the insertion of a prosthesis that can aid and assist a man to achieve and maintain an erection adequate for sexual intimacy.

In summary, impotence is a common condition that affects nearly millions of American men. Second, the diagnosis is easily achieved with a few questions, a physical examination, and a few laboratory tests. And finally, treatment is available. No one needs to fight with erectile dysfunction alone in his bedroom. Help is available for all men who have this common condition.